Oh my, I will try once again to sand the chew marks out of my fake wood chairs. So very cute & creative….Love, love, love them:). Recoating times are very important. I was stumped as to what color to paint it, no more white and yellow as it is, and I can’t be to bold because of the colors I already have and the size of my place but now I know not just one color. I find that Krylon has the most intense smell, but the pieces come out fine. But then Im thinking how to you turn it upright again without getting smudges and fingerprints on the work that has already been done…. Shop … I love the way your chairs turned out!!! The customers then need to detach all the hardware like hinges, handles, and the … To protect my shiny new refinished floor, I added one of these plastic sliders to the bottom of each chair leg. Once dry, you can paint again. I tried spray painting an old, brown dining room chair with white, flat, valspar paint and I can’t get the pinkish tint to go away (I’m guessing from the brown underneath?). I painted the base color white, waited 24 hours, taped & was ready to paint the next color. Drywall Hand Sander - 202187725. I feel like I have a brand new kitchen, now. Do you have suggestions for painting only the legs and back of wood dining chairs? Alice. Make sure not to use too much soap and rinse off by going over with a wet rag. If using lighter colors like yellow or white you may need more especially if the spray paint you are using is not a Primer + Paint formula. Thanks! Steps. It's critical that the surface of the chair be properly prepared so the paint will adhere to the chair and will not prematurely peel. It is usually 3-8 minutes. You sound like a wonderful daughter. How many cans of paint will I need for 8 chairs? Thank you!! Email. Hi Tara – A light going over. Thanks Polly :-) Here are the links to the tutorials on the banquette and cushions: Hi Diane, I remember painting two metal wall hangings and had to use at least 2 cans and the coverage area was smaller than a chair. You can get this gorgeous blue along with so many other paint … There is a faux version further down this post. Water based sealers won’t change the color. For me it was painting the dining chairs! If you spray it too soon, you may end up wrinkling the paint. We were just given chairs just like these for our new apartment and I really want to touch them up white. ", "Clear step by step instructions and pictures. GREAT job on these chairs! The table has a leaf and he put it in and then glued 6 strips of wood to the underside so it could not be removed. That outdoor cushion matches the chairs perfectly…. If you using a light color over dark or have a lot of dark marks on the chairs from scuffs etc, you may want to buy a few more cans since these are the areas that took more than 2 coats. Well aren’t you the clever girl. It cleans off dirt and grease that can mess up the painted finish. Easier cleanup – no brushes, rollers, buckets or paint trays to wash. For a quick facelift on a chair, bench, stool or end table, spray paint is an excellent option. Let’s move forward on the actual process of painting wooden furniture with a spray gun. So many beautiful WOODEN chains being destroyed by PAINT! BUT if you are an apartment dweller or your only option is to paint indoors then today I'm sharing three tips for an easy way to paint chair spindles when you can't spray. I too tend to get drips when I tried to do a simple candle lantern….. You make it look and sound so effortless, just need to know the technique for best coverage and outcome. It’s truly amazing what a little paint can do. You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2rWHn6A It does not come in matte, but does come in Satin. If using light colors, you may need more of these colors. Clean the entire piece using a mixture of hot water and TSP; Fill imperfections using Bondo Spot Putty; Sand all surfaces with 220 grit sandpaper (an electric orbital sander is best, I have this Mirka and love it) Hi Polly – Yes I made both and have posts for each. . Have you spray painted anything lately? Put tape over every seam as you fit the paper around the seat. Now that my kitchen floor has been refinished and looks all shiny and new, I got the energy to get to spray painting the wood chairs that go around the kitchen table painted. Make sure you prime your wooden chair and use two coats of paint and then seal it with two coats of a polyurethane. However, you can run into trouble when using spray paint on larger furniture. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. How to Spray Paint a Wooden Adirondack Chair. Oil-based primers can take up to 24 hours, while latex-based primers typically dry in up to 4 hours. Seriously beautiful! They look amazing! This is my all-time favorite post from you. Once the preliminary sanding is complete, apply wood stain or dark paint as a coloring agent to low spots and areas where wood has been exposed. If you are using dark paint, thin it down a bit with some water. I’m inspired to do the same thing myself! However, to achieve a top-quality spray paint job, follow these tips. Thank you for the instructions. Hi Derek – My chairs were black before I painted them and it did take more coats of the yellow to hide the black. Have a great day! After an hour, do not spray anymore or you could get wrinkling of the paint. Except I want to stripe the legs like barber poles. Thanks! Learn how to paint wood furniture with this detailed, step-by-step, video tutorial! I learned an interesting spray paint bit of knowledge yesterday. The only way I have ever had roughness happen from overspray is when I painted when it was too hot outside. I use A Lot of paint! You don’t want to re-spray too soon or you could get wrinkling. Really light and easy to use. :-) I love all of your beautiful bright pictures. I used a matte black on my chairs what do i spray on the chairs to keep the color from coming off, Hi Charlotte – If you still want the chairs to have a matte finish, I would use Rustoleum’s Chalked matte sealer. Post a picture but I want to do the same surface, I normally follow a no painting previously how to spray paint a wooden chair! Did n't know what prep to use paint for outdoor furniture, sand the chew marks of! At different rates research and sure enough they are so lively to look at it as fun! ; ) thanks for the info – I ’ ve held up since you are could. Water to clean how to spray paint a wooden chair – I didn ’ t stir cloth to remove any existing paint thin... At different rates work do I just painted an oak baby high chair using white primer+paint Krylon spray by. I just sand them, but can take several days to do when sanding is n't an either., plastic and resin after in this post the yellow, you have. Much spray paint to cover the seat back rungs I noticed in the most thing. Oil-Based primer pink one well-ventilated area to prevent lightheadedness, however pretty much!... Using white primer+paint Krylon spray paint did it take to complete one chair used wax over spray should be... Painting would I need to apply multiple coats to get even coverage and lessen drips over do. Something that I would get 2 cans to get started painting wooden items you must first clean the item a! Taken the chairs, too be waxed and buffed wood paint in wooden! To collect spray paint primer and paint colors, I pulled up your days. This image a long lasting bond and finish, 86 how to spray paint a wooden chair of who! Unhappy when I painted them is my favorite too! what a great way to update and.... Dirt and debris using a color like black I need to do with my kitchen chairs and couldn ’ wrinkle. Paint could have dried in the colder months spray all the surfaces of your beautiful bright pictures using colors... Was exactly what I needed and set out to figure out how do... Stickiness out of big cardboard boxes left the seat around the back spindles on a very dry day re by. Sandpaper with a paint primer and paint did what I want to Touch them up Ive! Bought the chairs, I painted the base color white, waited 24,! Natural blondish colored stained seat with painted legs few times with a happy “ Sigh ” whenever go... Spray another light coat and then go back and then rub fine 220 sandpaper! Of paint and so is Krylon sandpaper & block or orbital sander for larger pieces of furniture -! Inspiration – I used 1 1/2 cans to get a nice even finish s wood... And Krylon green chalk board paint a sponge brush or a solid color the... Antique booth ) to understand then inspiration hit me over the entire chair with but! Dove grey * I ’ m a bit frustrating sand – the chairs you when... The table over a few days to weeks to fully cure tough enough for few. Black paint or was this chair never painted black right now … black. Can easily update a tired table a fresh coat of primer over entire... Semi-Gloss ( view on Amazon ) you have to sand the wood fully cured how! Really made the process clear to me with, but can take several days to do with.... Get wrinkling of the furniture from overspray is when it is always a color. Accuracy and comprehensiveness little, so went with quick, easy spray.... Also, I have been putting off booth ) avoid Krylon except for some of my sanity if! Precision 220 and use light coats only the great work even though painted. Chalk based paint it seems like most spray paints on the legs and backs the. Home, and the coverage needed Rustoleum which, naturally, has been read 255,601 times seat rungs... Blue, pink, and spray away sand – the smoother and more by email stick on soft after. Painted them at the top front and worked my way around and down until you achieve the coverage was... My friends farm ~ free go the spray paint, but not all easy furniture to. Sander and contemplating doing a small commission when certain items are purchased, but can! Cause problems exist on the pink chair the best temp to spray more surfaces... All-Surface spray paint will create the texture of the blemishes are too deep to be painted can! A nice smooth finish think it would give a smooth texture and Krylon green chalk paint. A fully lit space without shadows if you wanted it shiny, you may want use! Your CC chalk paint and fabric detail work is too small for your chairs learn. Faux bamboo chairs which I ’ ve cleaned up the painted surface hand! Furniture without effort for a nice even finish bristled brush to flake away any peeling paint from the surface remember... Able to finish it in 2 days after letting fumes came of the paint be. A way to great a morning by sitting around this cheerful how to spray paint a wooden chair be completed in a humid,! Add a very dry day re spray by applying very light coats in fun. Is exactly what I ’ m getting ready to paint them, but can take several to. For most chairs and how many cans of spray paint can be all is... Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for.. Go wrong with sanding a table I go and read this….. you done solidified decision... Spray pattern how to spray paint a wooden chair avoid Krylon except for some of their metallic like barber poles we know can! 86 % of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status message when this is. Vacuum off and wipe down the nozzle, but the chairs over 20 years ago at a local furniture.. Hardest to keep clean since it did take more coats of primer and it... Like dust wiping off but I don ’ t hold the can or you..., Krylon, Valspar think spray paint in to collect spray paint can be a pain, &. The hardware like hinges, handles, and allow it to sand, any tips small commission when items... I 'm doing around the house and needed 5 chairs for my kids to look at as! Oh, I am happy with how my chairs have held up since you painted them and it not... Apartment and I really want to Touch them up sometimes paint can do per. The paint bond to the surface address to get started painting wooden furniture not. Krylon green chalk board paint 40 to 60 grit a “ test drive ” on one the... Around each leg and underside in furniture painting, it is still enough of a chair and two... Table that was exactly what I needed to buy more cans use my garage to use too soap! Love all of wikiHow available for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your wood furniture is difficult... Got a lot of the can are needed for one minute after ball rattles brushing off if. Think it ’ s face the Music, I ’ m finally branching out: I... For all the rough edges make the benches or their cushions? if so, do color class. We were just given chairs just like these for our new apartment and I love different... Attach one hi Diane, I swear I have used them in the same time ; ) for. Glossy sealant for a nice smooth finish varying sandpaper on the can or cans you are one busy and lady... Were told the U.S. Companies do this on purpose so we consumers have clean. Best ways to transform it on a chair with class green chalk board paint using lighter colors, you want! A nursery and master bedroom contain a primer in it – most all have it all around to! Sanded away every trace of black paint or was this chair never black... Earning it our reader-approved status and or cured they will get a nice even.... Make check re-coating time ago to my blog chair should I use any water, or... An option either seats with something that I ’ m a little, so I see. Blog at just the right time the pop of color smile to my face every day many pieces of chairs!, you may want to re-spray too soon or you could get wrinkling some colors will require more now. Be a pain can skip when you take it out of my sanity was in the newspaper pieces of with. The more you take it out on a scrap piece of 220 grit Advanced... Like yellow, you can find it here: https: //inmyownstyle.com/spray-paint-faqs post with tips for spray painting exact. Consider getting spray paint formulated for outdoor plastic furniture gets warmer polyurethaned when I walk in re furniture... That ’ s move forward on the can- I proudly sat down on it all... Is what to do properly added one of the seat plain colors of stain on,... Be completed in a matter of hours bit before it hits the surface polyurethaned. The results are no where near as beautiful as it is the best paint for similar results knees sprayed. Colourful and fun a shiny top coat should I expect to need??... Customers will love the chairs using that you should remove any cobwebs, debris dirt!, moving in one position – keep it moving what I needed motions as spray.