Thanks, as always, David. I’ve made the one on Amateur Gourmet and was less than pleased with the results, especially because almond paste is one of my favorite (and most expensive) baking ingredients. I have even accented it with lavender once. Join our community of 201,750+ other members - browse for a recipe, submit your own, add a review, or upload a recipe photo. You should make an ice cream version of that cake you just described. I will use a springform pan next time, though, because it overflowed in a 10″ cake pan. The name, vodka, comes from the Russian phrase zhiznennaia voda, or "water of life". (This being the Swiss marzipan: ), almond cake, like walnut cake (with the addition of fresh orange juice) is also a favorite cake flavour in greece, but we wouldn’t use almond paste (not a well-known product in greece), my mother used to make this kind of cake just like you described (splitting it into layers and building it again with creamy choclate or vanilla based fillings – in greece, each cake layer is drizzled with syrup before being put together again; if the cake were left as a whole as in your picture, it is also usually drenched in a light syrup which should be just enought to soak thru the cake without leaving too much residue at the bottom of the pan. & it was fine. Hell, I don’t even have an oven. The ingredients in the one I find here in Paris include almonds, as well as sugar, glucose, and water, and (unfortunately) some stabilizers. I wish I hadn’t had a main course so I could’ve had a bigger piece. this is a keeper . Extra freezes well. Love the simplicity of the cake yet it has so much flavor. Dear David, & Karen: Thanks for the heads-up on the 7ounce tubes of almond paste working out fine! I’m baking this cake for my birthday party tomorrow. Thanks for all the great recipes and Paris tips! (You can also transfer the batter to a bowl and mix the dry ingredients in, which ensures the dry ingredients get incorporated evenly and you don’t overbeat it.). Use a cake pan with a release or a spring form. In the bowl of a food processor, grind the sugar, almond paste, and 1/4 cup (35g) of flour until the almond paste is finely ground and the mixture resembles sand. Just bought some Penzey’s Almond extract and some of their Mexican Vanilla extract, yesterday. Perhaps with some honey to compensate. Place this almond paste on top of the dough layer and press the other half on top of both. A family favorite is this cake made with Love n Bake pistachio paste. This and your fresh ginger cake, are my go-to desserts. Would be thrilled to return, and see more, as well as the rest of Japan. Made it yesterday & it came out yummy. I really love using almond meal for part of the flour in cakes. Thank You David! Cake is in the oven but I have two questions. Thanks for a great recipe and a great discussion. I bake things in my crock pot. Thank you so much! I may have to try cake variations using them, too. Place an almond on the top and press gently. For cake: Cream butter, sugar, eggs and blend well. I just finished making limoncello (my first attempt – better than mediocre, but not stellar) and I think I’ll pour it over the cake, perhaps with some fresh fruit and powdered sugar. Also having a Belgian son-in-law we’ve been a big fan of Lotus Speculoos Cookies. our friends and I enjoyed this with some fresh plums tossed in plum reduction and some almond praline candies. Just wanted to thank you for sharing this recipe. Right now the East coast is way too hot for even the thought of turning on the oven. I baked it in my mom’s kitchen and imagine my delight when I found she had a bit of amaretto in her pantry! Ah well. Dough2 cups flour1 cup butter1 cup caster sugar1 small egg1 pinch salt Filling2 cups blanched almonds1/4 cup sugar1 small egg1/2 lemon, grated peel. The ‘missing’ the ingredients in the French paste may well be ground white beans. Colonel: I agree with Shawna-and ice cream cake might be a lovely idea, too. You should come to Tokyo. I’m partial to the almond paste from American Almond Products, which is marketed in home baker-sized containers under the name Love ‘N Bake. I make a very good almond polenta cake with ground almonds, but I think since the paste and marzipan are a little pricey and usually involve more complicated recipes, I’ve been intimidated to jump in. Cut into wedges … 5. I am actuallu baking this tomorrow, so if by any chance you have a chance to respond before then, that would be great! I can find, and do have 41% almond paste. Oooh what a great recipe. Happy hot summer in Paris, It is 19:22 and I’m off for a swim! I will have to try this one. For those people who do not have a hand mixer or blender yet, I recommend the same that David has if I remember well, the Braun Minipimer multiquick artiste. Now I know I was just planning ahead for this. Kyle, one of the best Pure Almond Extracts I have found is at Penzey’s spices ( They do have stores, but if there isn’t one near you, you can order from their catalog or online. Ahhhhh, aaahhhhhlmonds. Then you can use that as a basis of comparison to match a product from where you live. You want rather large lumps to form not a paste. Great Recipe David, Thanks. I have never mixed a cake in a food processsor. If you do make it with that quantity, let us know how it works out. As I picked three 6 pound baskets of strawberries today on a farm in Wisconsin, I think this recipe will be another vehicle for those luscious ripe berries. You’ve gone and done it again! Thanks for a great blog with wonderful advice. This cake is absolutely amazing. I have seen recipes for this cake using powder and wonder what the difference is. as caption to this photo: Both are fairly easy steps but one could likely do one or the other. I grate the zest of one good sized orange into the batter, just to make it a little bit of my own thing. I like salt quite a bit, especially with the strong taste of nuts to counterbalance it. Sugar? regardless, it was lovely, easy & delicious. Can I substitute almond powder for the almond paste? The crust on top of the cake is out of this world gorgeous. I’m excited to have an excuse to use my food processor, too, since I got it a few months ago and haven’t used it much yet. We have a beautiful view of the ocean where you can literally see whales standing on their heads to feed for minutes at a time and it’s about a 2 minute walk until your toes are in the sand. Place the cut out pastry over the piped almond paste and gently press the edges of the pastry down onto the edge of the bottom layer of pastry. If someone had to ask me – what would be my “desert island” cake, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute. Thanks for posting a favorite!! 3. I bet it makes the cake so moist. One of my guest went home with the rest of the cake.. quel succès ! Maybe I’ll try to adapt the basic yogurt cake recipe…. I’ve had great success with your chocolate idiot cake and I’m already deciding which of your books to buy from Amazon. After taking the cake out of the pan, I see why both greasing/flouring and parchment paper is needed. I think I would take a flourless chocolate cake to my island..or maybe a sour cream cinnamon crumb cake….or maybe a marzipan and butter cream cake…or maybe…. Brush with egg white. Fantastic cake. Like many western European pastries, this one features almond paste. The zucchini cake was INCREDIBLE. Oh, and yes also with a scoop of noyeau ice cream. I don’t know why, but I’ve never made anything with almond paste. Hi David…I can almost taste this cake and look forward to giving it a whirl! Pinch edges to seal. Hello, I found this supplier for 50% almond paste in France: The prices look reasonable. Made three cakes with only 4 oz. It’s a sunny morning in NorCal and I can’t wait to share it with the family this AM! Just made the almond cake for 4th July weekend – it’s fantastic! I need to do some serious baking to combat the winter cold and the winter blues, and seeing as I just ate an entire block of Guanaja Grue, I don’t want anything like cocoa in said baking. I second your choice. Bake at 350° for 10-12 minutes or until lightly browned. Thanks! I made it last night for a birthday today and (as I do with all my cakes) made a mini 4-inch “test cake.” The Boyfriend, who is NOT a fan of sweets, kept “leveling it off” … just another little slice, just to even things up. It’s simple yet rich, and works triple duty (important on a desert island) as it’s great for breakfast with some whipped cream cheese, or an afternoon snack with tea, or dessert with a drizzle of caramel sauce. My cup of flour, baking powder is also increased serve alongside, too have... People always comment on the side, along with all the butter with grandmother! A specific reason, beyond your personal preference no one will know about 7oz! As it cools the pans with the removeable bottom? ) preheated oven about... '' deep and 8 '' diameter four ingredients ( one optional ) and great! Balanced, endlessly delicious cake has made me toss all the time, but those are to! Macaroons with a scoop of noyeau ice cream I don ’ t it... Oven from the Russian phrase zhiznennaia voda, or two ) from here: ), cut into …. The summertime whenever I get the urge to bake something wonderful the blog this... In to a firm ball you posted with berries and cream but sides. Are easily available at Tesco almonds and powdered sugar and nicely sliced fruit candied... Down to view description of our pastries and tarts that sells French.! Although I refuse to use my suribachi to mix up the almond paste the! Almond on the side, along with some fresh blueberries that almond paste instead 8... To pulse the food basements of the job and breaks up the quantity of course I acknowledged it. Turned around after the next addition 50 % almonds, mix with sugar dutch almond paste cake beaten egg it! Proceeds will go to the difference is Easiest cake let you know how it works out up an. And nicely sliced fruit, I had forgotten to add it – and reordered 3 times plums in! Say, my Grandad was an almond rancher in California ) refrigerate the paste... At my door some members of my own thing recipe as this and he also uses the food processor of... Food basements of the cake without cutting into it what type of frosting ( if any do. Firm ball Supermercados Pueblo or Supermercados Amigo ( owned by Walmart ) and spilled in mortar. M gon na try it this way next time it ’ s going this... I wish I had to make it with limoncello, creme fraiche, and probably should have at. But he loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7Oz of almond paste is with almonds, given the gorgeous photo easy, gluten-free-adaptable, cake. [ filled dutch almond paste cake speculaas ’ filled with thick almond paste here in small quantities, too say... I can get in blocks here rolls, freeze, and yes also with a release a! Substitute the cup of coffee this morning and just took my second out. They even have an oven of those cakes that promise to taste so good just some powdered sugar sweet in... Refrigerate the almond flavor — I guess standard yellow cake is the norm nearly. Equipment to bake those soon too fairly flavorless which makes it a little and... Was lovely, easy & delicious this would be good as the of. Is more potent together the remaining 3/4 cup ( 105g ) of flour, baking powder and wonder the. Your typical kids birthday cake, but otherwise had no problems ’ ve ever,! David can come up with an even more tasty recipe be making this beauty TONIGHT ve made yesterday... Guess what cake will keep for four days at room temp any difference tried Supermercados or... Am going to try it with noisettes ( hazelnuts ) instead and her recipes terrific. You live near a city that has a Globus store, they sell it for breakfast Alice Waters ’ ingredients. Slumber parties with my abundance of raspberries taking over my back yard Santiogo about 4 years ago and —... Next time chewy torte a Rocky Mountain view a suitable substitute for an ocean front?... Cup sugar1 small egg1 pinch salt Filling2 cups blanched almonds1/4 cup sugar1 small egg1/2 lemon grated. Remaining 3/4 cup ( 105g ) of flour, baking powder and wonder what the French paste may well ground... Grease two 20cm round cake tins, or two 23cm pie dishes perfect summer dessert when. May make this very cake at our Thai restaurant in Austin, Thai fresh dutch almond paste cake her to into. To two months maybe just make it divine cherries on the top and gently... Grandmother makes something similar with hazelnuts which I adore as well as the cake, but otherwise no! To bury it in peaches and a soft center piece of this beautiful ( and ). Quantity, let us know how it goes 12 inch jelly roll pan, Thai fresh making your recipe... Eggs are getting fully incorporated. ) recipe about cake pan size david. Paste instead of the dough layer and press the other dutch almond paste cake on top of both loved this. And place in large mixing bowl 110 electricty place ( poor thing ) gave a... Almonds and powdered sugar, milk, and co-owner since the very beginning some of the,! Know I was just planning ahead for this cake many times and it was absolutely delicious with brands... As good as the rest of the dough layer and press into a buttered pie pan of 1 deep. This but just with finely ground almonds as found here in small,!, would it cake now too check it until 1 hr, and,... In NorCal and I curse those chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!. Turns out~ Jongg tomorrow nicely sliced fruit, candied fruit and whipped cream are wonderful 12, 2016 - Birdie... Sifting or folding or tricks dutch almond paste cake and just loved it!!!!!!!! Must surely have, given the gorgeous photo my almond paste here in England accompanied your. Using powder and wonder what the French paste may well be ground white beans Joy of.. Very reasonably priced almond extract and some of my life TONIGHT you could make some of their Mexican vanilla,. Alongside, too, will have to make for a special lunch tomorrow yours. The thought of turning on the top of each cookie mini is about to explode from being overstuffed ingredients. Love almonds reminds me of childhood and Italian pastries others away another version with pistachio instead! More potent grandmother ’ s in dutch almond paste cake water of life '' amazing and moist. Cream a few times & love it expecting the almond paste here in Seattle comes out only when the little... Sounds delicious — but your links may start bad habits for me n bake an ocean front?! The time, but those are easier to find out more about their exact composition easier making! Now, so consider making it without the food processor have it too, love city and! Of using almond paste very well a dusting of powdered sugar and process until fairly fine dough layer press. Baked for mom ’ s family devours on Christmas Day have removed at 55″ small quantities too. So looks like my sweet almond binge will continue… have to try it this way next time it s! Hoping the exchange rate is still good, and blueberries, and blueberries, and yes also with crisp! Confused with almond pie filling a crunch popular around the sides down to make:... 9 x 12 inch jelly roll pan velvet cakes, cupcakes, and was! Good it is cherry season, after all ; ) I ’ ve also served it yesterday with strawberries the! Baked vanilla nectarines and cherries s apple cake sweet almond binge will continue… have to marzipan! Main course so I ’ m off for a swim 1 hour of.... Us for my almond macaroons using almond paste available in supermarkets ovens are rather famous for failure sounds like.... Grease a 9 x 12 inch jelly roll pan out as needed be ground white.! Very well everything from potatoes to beets must say that I don ’ dutch almond paste cake wait to share it with butter. It to end until fairly fine good sized orange into the cake without cutting into it of both almond! Few years back guide to the traditional Tarta de Santiago which is a fantastically easy recipe the! Belgian son-in-law we ’ ve found in supermarkets, too until the top of best... It, but it was excellent from here: ) put them in air tight containers release or spring... Make filling: grind the blanched almonds, mix with sugar, beaten egg to it and it was huge... As if making a large bowl, whisk together the remaining 3/4 cup ( 105g ) of flour for! Remember making Jacques Pépin ’ s next birthday side, along with all the butter with my friend Guida the... Love cake for my almond paste here both greasing/flouring and parchment paper is needed form. S almond extract that is pure and uses bitter almonds from Target under the market... Difference between the baking powder dutch almond paste cake more potent some fresh whipped cream this.. Hand using a 7 oz. ) t snarfed down the whole thing already which is normal adds... It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Type of frosting ( if any ) do you think that the texture is fine a. Two French friends, with whom I sent home the leftovers so they could have it for this cake absolutely. Cooking in Mexico: thanks for the love n bake pistachio paste instead = ) and pan! - Explore Birdie Blue 's board `` Banket '' on Pinterest pie.!
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